Starlight & Gold 7" Single

Starlight & Gold 7" Single

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KT Tunstall demonstrates her musical versatility and vitality once again with her performance on "Starlight & Gold", produced by the legendary Italian DJ Molella. The track has everything a successful dance-pop track needs: catchy melody, killer drop, groovy bassline: an exciting piece of dance-pop. The song starts with a captivating, yet simple guitar progression giving way to the amazing vocals of KT, quickly followed by an infectious chorus and drop that will climb into your head and refuse to leave. "Starlight & Gold" is a radio-friendly slice of dance-pop that is sure to prove irresistible. 

This exclusive 7” Vinyl picture disc comes with a beautifully stripped back acoustic version of “Starlight & Gold” that fully showcases KT’s incredible vocals. 

Side A
1. Starlight & Gold

Side B
1. Starlight & Gold - Acoustic